“You have to master not only the art of listening to your head, you must also master listening to your heart and listening to your gut.”

Carly Fiorina

What is mBraining?


Science tells us that we have at least three brains. For some people reading this, the idea of us having three brains may be challenging thinking. The latest research from the fields of neuroscience, positive psychology and behavioural modelling supports and validates ancient wisdom teachings that we have at least 3 separate intelligences operating in our bodies. You may prefer to think of these ‘brains’ as three clusters of complex neural networks or intelligences that form connections, retain memories and influence our decisions.

These intelligences are in our head, our heart and our gut. We are intuitively aware of this and may not yet consider them brains. Neuroscience research is now proving that the neurological make-up of the heart and gut is similar to that of our head brain.

If you think about where some of your best decisions come from, is it your head, or do you ‘go with your heart’ or have you ‘followed your gut instinct’?

mBraining is a new field of human development and understanding. Multiple Brain Integration Techniques, mBIT, was developed in Australia in 2012 by international leadership consultant Grant Soosalu and world leading behavioural modelling specialist and NLP Master Trainer Marvin Oka.

Grant and Marvin have uncovered a large body of scientific evidence that underpins the foundations and presuppositions of mBIT. They have formalized this into a process for aligning our three brains to bring about ecological goal-oriented outcomes. When one or more of our brains are not aligned it can lead to internal conflict, stress, bad decision making and unhappiness. Using mBraining for alignment assists with resolving these issues.

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mBraining Courses available

  • mBIT Coach Certification Course
  • Leadership Decision Making
  • Evolve Your World


mBIT Coaching also available


Watch Nik Moore express his experience with mBIT


I heard about mBIT in 2016 and immediately bought the mBraining book which is fantastic. However it’s only until you physically get mBIT coaching that you can experience the true potential of this life-changing technique.

I’d struggled with the concept of cold-calling for 14 years. It wasn’t something I had ever been comfortable doing yet, as an owner of a small business, it is something that is essential. No sales = no business.

I was mBIT coached for an hour and realised that the blockage within me was coming from my gut. My head knew why cold-calling is a part of the job and my heart knew that it (I) wanted the benefits of me selling but my gut was procrastinating each time I knew I had to make a call.

During the coaching session I focussed my attention on what my heart wanted and created a powerful visual metaphor of what life would be like if I made the calls. That made my gut “sit up and pay attention” and I’ve been able to re-train it into taking action.

Since the coaching session I’ve made a number of cold calls and haven’t felt anywhere near the same levels of anxiety when making them. One call was to a Global Pharmaceutical Company employing 57,000 people. If that contract comes off, it’ll be firmly thanks to my mBIT coaching session. That’s how life-changing it can be.

Nick Moore