Can you choose to make a good decision when you need to? Quickly? Can your people? Or your clients?

Think of a time you were torn between what your head logic knew was right and your heart felt was wrong for you. Or of a time your heart truly wanted to make a change, and you would not take action on it, even though it all made sense?

How we access and use the wisdom and intuition in our head, our heart and our gut is important to us. Science has proven that we don’t only have a brain in our head, we have complex adaptive neural systems in our heart and in our gut. Being able to access and interpret signals from our wider distributed nervous system enables us to make wiser decisions in our daily lives.

Ancient wisdom teachings consistently refer to our innate wisdom, our heart-felt sense and gut instinct. Zen masters tell us that we cannot train the mind with the mind, we have to go through the body. The rise of Mindfulness and Meditation in enlightened organisations today acknowledges the importance of ‘getting out of our heads’ for a while. When you work with the body, alignment and deeper integration become possible. This ‘embodied cognition’ brings greater wisdom, for greater decision making.

mBraining is how we access, interpret and align these three brains; our head, our heart and our gut. How we use our multiple brains to communicate and connect with each other is vital for congruence, happiness and success.

This fascinating contribution to human development compliments existing behavioural change techniques with a suite of practical tools, mBIT, Multiple Brain Integration Techniques used to communicate with our heart and gut, and align them for greater wisdom, decision making and often generative change.

To find out more and learn these powerful techniques come join us on our 4 day mBIT Coach Certification Training Course on 7th to 10th September in London. For more detail on the course see or connect with me to discuss further.

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