‘Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.’

Tim Gallwey

Executive Coaching


Executive coaching provides a uniquely challenging but supportive working partnership that benefits individuals and organisations by improving performance through developing skills, confidence and focus.

We believe coaching increases awareness, choices, performance and results. Increased personal awareness reveals new options for consideration, which leads to enhanced informed choices which clearly impact

We create robust, strong and confidence-building working partnerships which are underpinned by sound coaching principles and well validated techniques, including some advanced NLP techniques, and some based on latest neuroscientific research, mBIT coaching, see here for more information. (hyperlink to mBraining section)

When individuals, teams and leaders first come to coaching it is often because recent experiences not been satisfactory and they choose coaching support to help them discover new ways of being and working. They realise something needs to change, improve or be enhanced. It might be that they have a gut feeling or an intuition that something is not quite as it could be and is causing them some form of discomfort.

It may be a desire to focus on a particular skill, one that will enhance their working environment. At this point of transition, engaging a coach and working together identifies the essence of the what will is required to move forward, and evolve. Appropriate coaching supports the client where new wisdom emerges opening up new possibilities and opportunities.

Put simply professional coaching is the best way to support an individual, team, organisation and society to reach its purpose and potential.

Coaching starts at £200 for a 2 hour session.

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Dara and I met up for the first time and I instantly felt at ease with her, we talked about my work place , how I felt about the new management structure and what issues I felt would be a struggle for me.

Dara listened very intently making some notes, the first meeting went well and a second was arranged.

At our second meeting Dara gave me some exercises to carry out at that session and added ones that I could use before going into situations where I felt I needed guidance. These worked very well and I found that by using these techniques I felt more confident to deal with meetings and to address issues with my staff where failing were taking place.

Within my time with Dara we identified that I needed to rid myself of the ghosts of my old manager and this was done using one of Dara’s techniques, this worked very well and by using this technique I was able to focus on setting myself new targets and change the focus of the staff with my team.

Working with Dara gave me confidence and allowed me to take the reins of the site I was responsible for. Through the use of the techniques given to me by Dara I have brought my team together, build good professional relationships with the member of my team and have shown the new managements structure that my site was worth buying into.

Anyone who is sceptical, as I was, of how Dara’s coaching could help them would benefit from having the first session as this will enable them to see that everyone has issues that coaching can assist with, although someone may feel they have no hang ups there will always be something that Dara can assist with, advice and give guidance on.

I cannot thank Dara enough for the sessions, advice, support and techniques she gave to me as it has changed my whole working life and has empowered me to carry out the improvements to my site that otherwise I may not have had the confidence to carry out.


Manager, YMCA

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